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To all new comers,

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Initial registration for a member consists of selecting the Registration menu and entering some details. A request is then Emailed to the Adminisdtrator so that manual acceptance of the membership request is completed. A valid response from the Administrator will activate your request thus allowing you access to the Forum and being able to read, reply, post and send private messages to other members. After you are registered and login you can Edit your profile and if you then enter your day and month of Birth (Year optional) the system will automatically provide Birthday Greeting when the date approaches.

Please keep in mind that your registration name (Login Name) that you create should be ones recognisable by other members. Use of cryptic or new nick names would mean old shipmates may not be able to recognise and send you a private or general message in the Forum for this reason. All members are able to look at the registered members list.

As the request is manually checked it may take from one hour to a couple of days for activation depending upon my other activaties and burdens I may have. After you are registered and login for the first time DO NOT have the system remember you password. It can occassionally forget it after maintenance or updates or even change it blocking your successful login..

Part of the Gallery is viewable by Non-members, i.e. photo's of past Reunions posted by me. To view these as a non member or member not logged in then click on the gallery menu above. The personal Members Gallery can only be viewed by logged in Members.

Visitors (Guests) and non loggged in members can also view the "Crossed the Bar" topic.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy the Voyager All Crews Forum.

Click Here to visit the HMAS VOYAGER All Crews Website.


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