HMAS Voyager Memorial Service & Flag blessing 13th Feb 2011

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HMAS Voyager Memorial Service & Flag blessing 13th Feb 2011 Empty HMAS Voyager Memorial Service & Flag blessing 13th Feb 2011

Post by Admin on Mon 19 Jul 2010, 04:29

Hi all,

We are in the process of creating a flag honoring HMAS Voyager (D31 & D04) and all who served in them.
The funds to pay for the flag and the marching pole and holster are being raised on a donation basis. We are in need of approx. $450 to cover the costs and so far have around $150 which has been raised at the quarterly social gatherings we have in the S.E. QLD area. I sent out an Email to many of you including this information along with slops order re-run. We will also run a raffle at each gathering hoping to collect sufficient funds. The flag will have a permanent home in the Church over the Warriors Altar and HMAS Voyager memorial plaque. The flag will be made available for special ceremonies such as Mariners Day, Anzac Day etc, but is to be returned to the church on completion.

Many do not or are unaware of the association Saint Marys Anglican Church at Kangaroo Point Brisbane has with the Navy but this association started before the formation of the RAN in 1911. At that stage HMQS Gayundah was transferred to the RAN as HMAS Gayundah and was a flag ship for the RAN.

The Church has a Warriors Altar and also a Memorial Plaque to HMAS Voyager as well as the two Ensigns and Australian flag over the altar. The rear of the church also has a museum display and would like to obtain memorabilia of HMAS Voyager for the display case and area. I have already donated my Voyager profile embroidered cap and have a couple of other items being donated. Bill Cresswell is donating a cap with Voyager tally band and a commissioning pennant.

The church is having a special service for 2011 (has done for the past several years) and plans are already underway. The flag is in process of being created and I have had very helpful assistance from Navy Canberra with this to get the flag organised so that a blessing ceremony will be done at the Church service on Sunday the 13th February 2011. More details on this will be posted when available. VIP's and others are being asked to attend and we are hoping for a good turn out for this service. I will post an image of the flag as soon as I complete the full artwork.

If sufficient numbers are forthcoming for this day and I would like a show of hands (commitments) then perhaps we can arrange for a informal reunion following the service as the Church is also very keen to provide the adjacent hall for us so long as bookings do not clash with other users.

I would like to hear from all interested for the Church service day.
The 13th Feb 2011 is the closest Sunday to the 10th February.

Please keep on visiting this topic as I will post additional information on a regular basis so that you are kept up to date with proceedings.

In the meantime please take time out to visit the Church Website where you can view photos and read something about the Navy association with the Church. The church ground also has a plaque honoring all those Naval persons who have never returned to their home shores. If sufficient funds (donations) are forthcoming then perhaps we can look at adding a Memorial Plaque in the Church grounds near the existing Naval Plaque.

Today (19th July 10) the flag image for the printers is complete and they will start their manufacture process as soon as I have sufficient donations to proceed. The completed flag will be 1800 x 900. The 2.4 m marching pole, finial and coupling with a white holster is still to be ordered along with a wall support bracket but that will take place as soon as I get the final quote from the WA supplier and sufficient funds to cover the costs. The Church Service on the 13th will also recognise the 100th anniversary of the RAN and we will be doing a blessing service of the flag.

If we do get sufficient numbers committed to attending then following the Church service we can have our reunion gathering and at the same time celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the RAN hopefully in the Church hall.

Click the link below to visit the Church Website -

The address of the Church

St Mary's Anglican Church,
455 Main St,
Kangaroo Point,

Website link

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