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Little boy was standing in front of a mirror in the restroom at the Airport,
when in walked a Army Warrant Officer, dressed in his best regimental
The little boy turned to the Soldier and said, "Wow! Are you a real
The Soldier replied, "Why, yes I am, young man. Would you like to wear my
"Boy, would I!," said the little boy. He took the hat and placed it on his
head and turned to admire himself in the mirror.
As he was looking in the mirror, he heard the door open and through a ray
of bright light, a man entered the room.

But, this was not just a man -- he was more than a man.

He was a Chief Petty Officer.

The little boy turned and went over to the Sailor. As he approached him, he
could see his own reflection in his shoes. His eyes widened
as he stared up at the Sailors chest full of medals gleaming.
He tried to speak, but he couldn't. Finally, he took a deep breath, and
managed to say,
"Excuse me, Sir. Are you a real Sailor?"

The Chief replied with a thunderous voice,"Why yes, I am!!
Would you like to shine my shoes?"
The little boy smiled, and said, "Oh, no sir!! I'm not really a Soldier.
I'm just wearing his hat"

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