Returned From Active Service Badge - Wearing of.

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Returned From Active Service Badge - Wearing of. Empty Returned From Active Service Badge - Wearing of.

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Returned From Active Service Badge

Below is a quote from an ESO News Letter recently circulated and is quoted here to provide information on the correct protocol for the wearing of the RAS Badge.

"I have noticed at the recent Anzac Day and Vietnam Veteranís Day March and Services that many veterans are wearing their RAS Badge as well as their medals. The correct Protocol for the wearing of the RAS Badge is outlined below. You will notice also that the protocol has changed from "Active Service" to "Warlike Service".

The Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB) is issued to Australian Defence Force personnel who have rendered warlike service.

Its purpose is to enable individuals to display their involvement in warlike service while in civilian attire, where the wearing of a medal denoting such service is not appropriate or possible. The ability for veterans to wear a badge recognising the service and sacrifice involved in rendering war service to Australia is a befitting tribute to these veterans. I would ask our Association members to abide by the RAS Badge Protocol."

Note that this is a quote and not necessarily the view of the Webmaster

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