Rogues Yarn - February Edition 2013

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Rogues Yarn - February Edition 2013 Empty Rogues Yarn - February Edition 2013

Post by Admin on Wed 27 Feb 2013, 01:30

Rogues Yarn - February Edition 2013
Post by Les (Webmaster) » Wed Feb 27, 2013 9:21 am
The article referred to in this entry cannot be attached to this topic of the Voyager forum as it is too large ( 1.1mb)
This same article is posted in the FESR Website forum and the Rogues Yarn pdf file can be viewed/downloaded from there.
The Rogues Yarn contains articles on HMAS Voyager I and II as well as Diamantina for those interested.
Volume 3 Issue 2 ROGUES YARN FEBRUARY 2013.pdf
To obtain the pdf file either request a copy directly from me or go to and access the Forum menu then proceed to the "Members General Board"

Dear Shipmates and the wider Navy Community,

request you distribute the attached February edition of the Rogues
Yarn to your members.

Should you have a noticeboard at your disposal, could you print off a
copy and post it so that others may know of its existence.

Our objective is to build interest for today's Navy by encouraging
those that have served and their families to appreciate that they are
part of the wider Navy Community.

Thank you in anticipation!

Yours aye, NCCV Executive

Terry Makings
Scrap Iron Flotilla Association

FESR Webmaster

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