How do our kids see us.

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How do our kids see us. Empty How do our kids see us.

Post by georgersmith on Mon 13 May 2013, 08:58

Friends, I thought some Melbourne based members might be interested in this short play. It was created by the repackaging of memories of growing up.

backyard theatre

We asked ourselves what moves me?
And what scares me?
And came up with this:
A driveway.
A cat.
A family shipwrecked in the suburbs.
How do we say what’s hidden in our hearts?
“… the long silence called for a voice …”
How do we touch each other?

Unconditioned Heart combines movement, story and shadow puppetry to explore intimacy, vulnerability, and the struggle to stay afloat in the great gulf of suburbia.
Backyard theatre creates original performances that challenge, inform
and extend our sense of who we are as Australians; we tell big stories
about ordinary people weaving the imaginary and the mundane in a
visceral performance experience.


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