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Phillip William Brown

Post by Admin on Wed 09 Jul 2014, 13:55

On the 4th July 2014 Phil Brown aged 64 years has lost his life to Cancer after a few weeks following diagnosis.

Phil started his Navy life as a Naval Cadet at TS Voyager from 1963 to late 1965 after which he joined the RAN as a JR mid 1966.
After serving for 12 years in the RAN as a Stoker and paying off as a LSMTP3 Phil then went on to obtain an engineering degree then joined the Merchant Navy.

He did manage to attend a mini Moresby reunion in May 2014 and shortly after (6 weeks) crossed the bar.

His service in the RAN included drafts to the following HMA Ships: Leeuwin,Cerberus,Vampire,Jeparit,Bombard,Moresby,Flinders,Stalwart,Melbourne.

The following information was supplied by a long time mate of Phil, Alan Dearing.
Phil and I were in the same Sea Cadet Unit TS Voyager from early 1963 until the end of 1965 and we joined the RAN together 10 July 1966 as JRs.
Phil was originally a Dieselie like me, but in the mid 70s become a Steamie and became a Steamer on Melbourne paying off in 1978.
He moved back to the UK where his family came from, did his Engineering Degree and ended up as a 2nd Engineer in the Merchant Navy
returning to Australia in the 1990s. It was on the Navy Stokers Website, where I found him again and my life was far better for it.
Phil passed away from Cancer of the Oesophagus and Bone Cancer. We had a Mini Moresby Reunion late May this year and he was on
crutches due to knee and back problems and 6 weeks later was gone.

We were together on Bombard as M(E)s, Moresby as LM(E)s/LSMTPs and Stalwart with me as a POMTP and Phil as LSMTP.
I was on Jeparit and dislocated my right knee on the day prior to sailing December 1968 and Phil was crash posted as my relief.

May Phil's final cruise be a gentle one.


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