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Post by Admin on Sun 12 Sep 2010, 13:50

Sadly I post another message for a Voyager shipmate. ARTHUR (Archie) VICTOR ERIC HANN. Always known as Archie, crossed the bar on 10th September 2010.
Arthur "Archie" HANN Archie12
Archie has been battling Cancer for some time and had to miss our excellent reunion in February 2009. Archie served in several shore bases as well as HMA Ships Diamantina, Melbourne and on Voyager from September 1961 through to October 1963.
Archie will be long remembered by many shipmates and all now wish him a fond farewell on his final voyage.
Arthur "Archie" HANN Archie10
Smooth seas and calm winds shipmate - RIP

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Arthur "Archie" HANN Empty Re: Arthur "Archie" HANN

Post by Glen Tibbitts on Fri 16 Nov 2012, 23:38

I guess looking for your youithful joys comes with the passing of time, you remember back and see the young faces of 'old shipmates', see 'old ships' and think of 'old times' - all are things 'old' just like the 'old timer' you have become. A grey haired 'old seadog' who can stll recall rough and smooth seas long gone and exciting runs ashore in ports gone with them.
Archie, as with some others of our 'biggest since the war' [WWII] intake, I went looking for you too late mate, I remember many times from 1960 FND then Diamantina through 1961 Voyager to 1967 Melbourne, from the time, on a run ashore in Perth, you took on that Westralian taxi driver who was trying to pick me up and I had no iea what he was up to, right up to our watchkeepers mess on carrier Melbourne which we ran so well.
In our D04 hearts Voyager is out there somewhere, she sails on forever, having many 'adventures in time' just as she gave us in our tenure aboard her, I dare say you are aboard with more of our shipmates, and one day I will be there too - as the (P.O.) Sutcliffe tatoo said: D04 Forever More
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