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Post by Admin on Thu 28 Mar 2013, 07:02

This is a photo of the Voyager Crest sent to me by John Conder (England) in 2010. John contacted me after seeing the website and was keen to send the Crest out to be be added to displayed memorabilia. I then offered to mount the mounted crest onto a backboard and add a nameplate with the wording
"Donated by
Lt. John Conder RN
Gunnery Office HMAS Voyager
I also told John that I would be donating the crest to the Ballina Maritime Museum to be added to the large collection of items we have already donated for display.
The reason John wanted to send it out here was due to his age and worry about what would happen to the crest on his passing. He originally removed the crest from Voyager during her last refit in Williamstown in 1963 as new crests were being created to replace the old ones.
The crest was handed over to the Maritime Museum in November 2012 during the All ship's Reunion.
Anyone passing through or stopping over in Ballina should make an effort to visit the museum and if you are ex voyager crew and never have added you name, Rate/Rank and o/n to the Voyager plaques at the museum then you are welcome to do so but you will need to have a means of verifying you are ex crew or contact me so that it can be arranged for you to do so.

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