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It has been proposed and accepted by Command that the soon to be refurbished WOSSM Conference Centre be named the HMAS Voyager Conference Centre.  All the conference Centres within Cerberus are used by very large conference audiences which includes all ranks, other Defence personnel with requests from outside organisations such as Vic.Pol.

It is envisaged that the room will depict the memory of the Voyager incident, both loss of life and as a commitment to the survivors so this is not lost in time.
Peter Dusting and myself have been approached to submit some ideas for the centre, as you will know Peter and I are both survivors and spent considerable time on Voyager prior to the accident.   We have both agreed that it is essential for us to get back some feedback from other survivors and past crew members, there was a considerable change in the crew prior to leaving Williamstown with several of those wo left lost close ship mates on the 10th Feb. 1964.
Peter and I therefore request that an email be sent out to your members, Brenda to the Voyager Survivors Association and Les to the Voyager All Crews Association asking for ideas from survivors and previous ship’s company which they may like to see incorporated into the Conference Centre to perpetuate the Memory of Voyager and those 82 who perished.
As we don’t have much time to get this together, it is requested that all ideas be in to either Peter or myself no later Thursday 17th November at which time we can meet with Command and put forward the suggestions
we receive.   We realise this is short notice, however, they would like the existing Commanding Officer to open the centre before he posts out of Cerberus which is early December.
Thanking you both in anticipation,
Don Baker and Peter Dusting                                             
Our contact details are as follow:   Peter – email, peterdusting@bigpond.com    mobile 0421 732 355
                                                              Don    - email, evdon@bigpond.com    mobile 0437 500 528


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